Anthropology is the study of man and its culture. The study aims to find out humans interacted with each other in ancient times, and it changes throughout history. Anthropology requires knowledge from a vast array of subjects including history, sociology, evolution etc. Studies and assignments in Anthropology mainly consist of work in four categories. They can be defined as:

  • Cultural Anthropology-This branch deals with the cultural differences among humans. This methodology requires thorough knowledge based on studies, surveys and interviews. Many studies and researches conducted by various anthropologists have brought about changes in the culture of man.
  • Archeology-This field involves the study of human history by analysing material culture. Different Artifacts, books, journals spread across history are referenced in this field.
  • Biological Anthropology- This field revolves around the study of human based on biology. It concerns the biological transformation of human based on genetics.
  • Linguistic Anthropology- This field of work revolves around the development of language and how it evolved over time.



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