The definition of art and architecture varies from books to books that are available in the market and the true picture of art and architecture is very hard to find. The reason is that Arts particularly includes a various field like psychology, history, anthropology and many more. Other kinds of Arts include the modern days’ art such as the literature, art that is decorative, visual art and the performing art. The writers of arts in A.D. Assignment Services have stated this subject as a medium of displaying emotion, creativity and ideas of an individual. The online content writers of this company have all the traits of good and unique creativity as well as ideas that are required to help the students with the assignments of arts.


The term architecture is mostly used in the fields. The term Architecture over here is the conversion of the artistic work into the construction of buildings, apartments, monuments and other specific building structure. The experts in the fields of arts and architecture who are present in A.D. Assignment Services has defined architecture as a little portion of art that is visual and is required to implement the designs after properly scrutinizing the place and analyzing the designs.

The architecture was designed earlier by doing proper measurements and related calculations as per the measurement but the situation has changed in these modern days due to technological intervention. Nowadays the measurements and calculations can be done on software and the views of the architecture can be done in 3D and using graphics which has ultimately made the study of architecture vast.

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  • Film Appreciation
  • Applied and Fine Arts
  • Built environment
  • Services of maintenance
  • Design of spaces and buildings
  • Planning of Urban areas
  • Construction
  • Property planning
  • Surveying
  • Management


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