Biochemistry can be described as a chemical process. An important part of the research on health is biochemistry. It is related to the working of the cells internally and the methods stated in chemistry and immunology is used. The methods of chemistry and immunology are used for understanding the behavior and structure of molecules that are complex. The way the molecules collaborate with each other in order to create tissues, cells and whole organisms is described in biochemistry. The components that are present in the molecule level are mainly transporters, amino acids, medicine, enzyme, proteins, and genetics and organelles lipids. The chemical processes in biochemistry include simple substances being transformed from food into compounds that are more complex that is used by the body. The tissue layer and cell growth are increased by amino acids. Enzymes are the proteins that are more important in biochemistry. It makes the chemical processes in the body to move forward at a faster rate by the chemical reaction. The uses of Biochemistry are presented in various fields such as crop production, health care, medical industry, food industry and in the environmental applications.

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