Biotechnology is termed as the application of the living organism in order to prepare useful products for human life. Biotechnology is a mixture of microbiology, technology, chemical engineering, and computer sciences.


History of the Biotechnology

Agriculturists in the early period choose those crops which created the obstacle for pest and insects to attack crops and this will give the high productivity of the crops. From the ancient period, a human being uses biotechnology for producing the goods after the modification of the plants. The organism is discovered later which is very useful in the trapping of the nitrogen and also provided with high productivity of crops. The process of fermentation is discovered which is utilized in the leavening and the brewing of the breed. Biotechnology also used in the animal kingdom. Selective breeding which is performed by the people is another form of the biotechnology. This will be invented by Charles Darwin in the 19th century while discussing the theory of evolution which selects the natural species is another form of biotechnology. In the field of medicine biotechnology also played an important role and also assists the development of important medicine like Penicillium, Antibiotics and the other. A.D Assignment Service provides help on the assignment of bio-sciences through online services. The web portal A.D Assignment Service has professional from the field of biotechnology for delivering the following assignment to the client.



The microbiological culture was used by the Chaim Weizmann in the year of 1917 in the process of an industry for developing acetone used in the explosive production. In the year 1928, the penicillium is used for the development of the antibiotics by Alexander Fleming. In the present day, the scientist manipulated the genetic structure of the organism by introducing DNA. In the year of 1973, the GMO bacterium was first discovered which is used in the generic structure of the organism. The food was discovered in the year of 1944 which was first genetically modified then produced commercially in the market. The student can get help on the biotechnology assignment through the A.D Assignment Service. Main areas of the biotechnology which is cover up in this assignment are as follow:

Bioprocess engineering is the concept of the biology which used in the bio-engineering to discovered different types of useful products in the field of chemical, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture. This particular product is useful and also sustainable for the environment. Bio-robotics process is one of the important interrelated parts of the biotechnology which is mainly used for developing robots and these robots are provided with the biological function. Bioinformatics is the topic based on the mathematical, computer science and other subject related to the studies of the biological data. In the field of medicine, biotechnology is used for producing new drugs in the field of the pharmaceutical industry. Biotechnology also facilitated research on cancer and HIV Aids. Assignment on biotechnology is now easily made because of the expert writers of the A.D Assignment Service.