Chemical Engineering deals with them the principles of chemistry, mathematics, physics, biology as well as economics to successfully produce, use, transport and transform materials, chemicals, and energy. A chemical engineer plans large scale processes which can convert the raw materials, chemicals, living cells, energy and microorganisms to useful sort of products.

Chemical engineers generally involve in different intents of design as well as an operation of plants which include hazard and safety assessment, analysis and designing the process, control engineering, biological as well as chemical engineering, operating instruments and also constructing specification. Chemical engineering actually involved in designing as well as maintenance of chemical plants and their development of a chemical technique for the conversion of chemical and raw materials to valuable forms. It also covers the areas like nanotechnology, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, mineral processing, and synthetic fibers and also in plants like refining petroleum. Basically, Chemical Engineering is a field where it influences numerous areas in terms of technology. The chemical engineers sketch the techniques to produce, then transform and finally transport the materials starting from performing experiments in the laboratory and following it up by implementing the technology in full-fledged production. To perform these experiments they must have complete knowledge in both engineering as well as scientific principles. This gets a reflection which includes the application of thermodynamics, mass, and energy transfer, applied mathematics, fluid mechanics, separation technologies, chemical reaction kinetics, process design and also process design.


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