The law which is completely related to any corporate or a company which make deal with the juridical research of creditors, directors, shareholders as well as stakeholders who endure in the limits of the overall business. Generally, Company Law always focuses on the formation and operations of an organization or a company. Preparing any project or assignment in Company Law, the student must discuss or know different types of business. Generally, it is assorted into three forms, namely as sole trader or proprietorship, company, and partnership. A company is like a person who is invisible, artificial, intangible and also exists only in the reflection of a law. Being a simple in terms of the law, it generally possesses the properties in which a character of its formation provides upon it moreover expressly or fortuitous to its existence. A company is formed after registering their company acts.

There are multiple laws as well as acts which are applied at the time of formation. The different basic and common features of a company which is very important to follow. It consists of Simulated Legal Entity, Incorporated Association, Isolated Legal Entity, Common Seal, Perpetual Existence, Registration, Registered Office, Management, Capital, Legal Personality, Voluntary Association, Permanent Existence, Contractual Capability, Limited Liability, Not the Citizen, Statutory Obligation, Transfer ability, Residence, Centrally Administered and finally Social Objective. All these general features with respect to Company Law must be well known to the entire Law student.

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