The concept of consumer behavior depicts different behavioral traits of different people who purchase several products or services under different circumstances. This is important to study the behavior of the customers for the marketers. In modern day’s consumer behavior gains more popularity in the area of marketing. The marketing students attract more towards the study of consumer behavior. They find it interesting but due to lack of time, they sometimes feel boring in preparation of assignment on consumer behavior. A.D. assignment service provides the best assistance to the students and helps them with their online assignment on consumer behavior. The experts at A.D. assignment service are well aware of the concept of consumer behavior hence they provide their best knowledge to the students by preparing their assignments. Consumer behavior involves a lot of factors such as psychological, demo graphical or social. The area of the consumer, therefore, defines as multidisciplinary subject as it studies about marketing as well as psychology also. Students should be efficient in order to gain knowledge in the area of consumer behavior.

Consumer behavior studies about the individual, people or any human being and their different activities which related to consuming or purchasing of any products, goods or services. It also studies a different kind of behavior or psychology of people under different circumstances. According to the different research study, it is stated that there is different kind of factors depends on which any customers or consumers behave. Marketers call it the factors of consumer behavior. They are-

Nature of consumers- customers or consumers always behaves as per their age, psychological state, gender, situation and culture. Sometimes different marketing strategy also affects the behavior of the consumers.

Different circumstances or situational change– the behavior of the customers sometimes depends on the different situation like increase or decrease in income level, preference of the customers, and availability of a product in the market.

Location– customers are always different across the different country, region or states and they also behave according to the nature of their location.

Marketers- marketers or retailers should possess sufficient knowledge about their customers and according to the demand and choices of the customers; marketers should provide a different kind of products or services.

There are many theories and procedure through which one can easily understand the concept of consumer behavior. Marketers though use a different kind of marketing tools to better serve the customers despite the theories and procedures. The marketers first try to create a marketing plan for their business to identify the potential customers and then serve them as per that plan. The marketing plan consists of 7p’s of market and STP analysis.

7p’s- the seven p defines the products, price, place, promotion, physical evidence, packaging, and positioning.

STP analysis- it depicts that marketers or retailers first state the market segmentation process, then they should target their potential customers and at last they should try to position their products in the mind of the customers.

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