The dissertation is just like an assignment which is a part of the curriculum related to academics. The writings in this type of assignments are done in a very detailed manner.

The initialization of the dissertation is done by writing the title of the dissertation, abstract or executive summary is given which refers to the description of the entire work which would be done in the dissertation. Now there are a few chapters in the dissertation like:

  • Introduction which serves as the first chapter containing the background of the study, rationalization and the questions which are implemented after the research, purpose, aim, and objective of the study, conclusion, and structure of the study in the end
  • Review of literature is the next chapter where the data and information are discussed in a detailed and logical manner. The chapter starts with an introduction of the review, framework related to conceptual, descriptions, theories and models related to the variable of dependent and independent, factors, challenges, literature gap and relation between the variables of dependent and independent and a conclusion
  • Methodology serves as the third chapter which starts with an introduction, outlining the method, research related onion, philosophy, approach, design, strategy, and methods. The sampling of the methods is done along with collecting the data, validating the research and many more.
  • Analysation of data is the fourth chapter where the assimilated data is introduced and analyzed in a detailed manner for the understanding of the topic.
  • Conclusion serves as the last chapter of the dissertation explaining the scope for future research, recommending any new methods, linking all the factors with the objectives and concluding all the activities of the research.

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