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The area of engineering depicts the process of innovation, construction, operation and design of different machines, devices, systems or materials as well as different processor organization also. According to different scientists, engineering is the combination of arts and science which try to attain the commercial goals of any organization or company. This area always applies its expert knowledge to collect the information and apply that information in appropriate places. Engineers are always involved to design something new and innovative for the society. The area of engineering involves a lot of works like house construction; build any road or bridge, the procedure of architecture etc to make the society innovative. As engineers are the key player of the creation of society, the subject engineering involve lots of branches, they are-

Chemical engineering– it involved the study of the different application of chemistry, physics, and biology. It helps to process different chemical reaction such as petroleum refining, commodity chemicals, microfabrication and specialty chemicals.

Civil engineering– it involves creation and designing of the different public or private construction work such as the construction of different infrastructure like airports, railways, treatment. It is different from another branch like military engineering.

Electrical engineering– it involves the different operations of the electrical circuit and its parts. This area basically depicts the process of converting the power from different sources to electric and helps to transfer it to the customers. It includes different procedures.

Mechanical engineering– this area of engineering basically works with different kind of machines and engines. This is one of the important branches of engineering sector. It defines the manufacturing and designing different kinds of machines and examines their operation in the workplace.

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