The management of resource related to human refers to a group or individual working in an organization or company and participating in achieving the purpose and goal of the organization or company. The management also covers the process related to managing employees and establishing a positive environment in the workplace. The management of resource related to human administrating, developing and planning.



The experts of A.D. Assignment Services covers the main objectives of resource related to human, which are:

  • Developing each and every individual of the organization
  • Maintaining a healthy relationship in the case of working with each and every member of the company or organization.
  • Using and utilizing the resource related to a human in the company or organization.

The topics that are covered by the experts on the assignment related to the management of resource of human are:

  • The culture of the corporate
  • Selection and recruitment
  • Mentoring
  • Performance related to appraisal
  • Techniques related to programming
  • Management of compensation
  • Management of conflict

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The areas related to the assignment that are covered are:

  • Employing and recruiting candidates
  • Managing a record
  • Relation with the employer
  • Planning
  • Safety and health of the employers and employees
  • Compensations and benefits are given to the employees

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