An Information Technology is a set of processes, tools, and also methodologies that consist programming, coding, data conversion, data communications, storage as well as retrieval, analysis of system and designing, system controls, etc. and employed to retrieve the associated equipment, processing as well as presenting the information. In short, it can be said that Information technology also includes multimedia, telecommunication, and office automation. Information technology is the practice of any computers, networking, storage, physical devices, processing, and creation, store, exchange and secures all sorts of electronic information or data. Typically Information technology is generally used in the settings of enterprise operations as a contrary to the entertainment and personal technologies. Its commercial uses are to encircle both telephony as well as computer technology. To perform different important functions, an information technology uses multiple layers of physical equipment like hardware, management, and virtualization or automation tools, applications which is software and finally operating system. In the domain of Information technology, it also includes user devices, software, peripherals like Smartphone, laptops and recording equipment. IT also refers to methodologies, architectures as well as regulations that can govern the use and also storage of the data. Business applications consist of SQL Server databases, the transactional system like real-time command entry, planning systems like enterprise resource, email servers such as Exchange, Web servers such as Apache and management of customer relationship. All the applications perform the commands programmed instructions to consolidate, manipulate, disperse or affect information for the business purpose.

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