Every environment, as well as the society, is empowered by law along with its legal terms. It is a group of rules which is been decided to mean the purpose to keep security as well as peace in a society done by a particular state. Actually, Law consists of multiple kinds of acts, its applications, different procedures, rules as well as regulations. There are different types of laws which include Contract Law, Property Law, Medical Law, Tort Law, Trust Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, International Law, Custom and Tradition and also Administrative Law. Few of these laws are discussed below:

  • Contract Law: It sets all the rules and regulations on an agreement to buy as well as sell an item or service.
  • Tort Law: It helps the people making claims for repayment when anyone hurts them or their property.
  • Property Law: It states the rights along with the obligations which a person is having when they sell or buy and also rent lands and homes or properties, and any objects.
  • Trust Law: It is also known as business law that sets the rules for money which is already put in investment, like a pension fund.
  • International law: This law is used just to set the rules on how a country can behave in the fields like environment, trade and also the military actions.

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