Marketing is the process of promoting and selling products in the market. It is taken as the critical area of working with the number of resources which is provided. Good planning and strategy for the promotion of the sales, advertisement etc are used for the better approach of the marketing. The assignment of the marketing mix basically deals with tools for the usage of enhancing the ability and the strength of the marketing strategy. The mix of the marketing helps the organization in supporting the procedure and making of the marketing process which controls the losses by establishing the smooth operation and the utility. The main marketing tools which the A.D. Assignment Services cover-up in this assignment for the students are as follows:

  • Price
  • Product
  • Place
  • Promotion



Price is one of the vital factors of the marketing mix refers that the amount of charge placed in selling the products in the market. It helps in determining the source of the income required for the business purpose. The price of the product is based on the market and the consumer’s nature. Profit margin always kept carefully in running the business. Some other important key points relate to the price is the

  • The strategy of the pricing
  • Discounts on volume
  • Suggesting on the retail price
  • Discounts will be made in the early payments and cash

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The business of an organization basically deals with the products used in the market. The product is taking as the main source of the business from which the company or the organization making the profit. There are two types of categories which comprise the product in the market such as the first category deals with three levels of the product like

  • Augmentation of the product
  • The real form of the product
  • The core part of the product

The second strategy of the marketing mix assignment deals with the decision making regarding the products which are the

  • Packaging
  • Quality
  • Styling
  • Name of the brand
  • The function of the product
  • Price rate


The place in the marketing mix deals with the production and the distribution of the products. It involves the part of the storing and selling of the product. The place is a very important factor which must be chosen wisely in the marketing policy. Some of the important point related to the place is as follows

  • Distribution of the channel
  • Warehousing
  • Processing of the order
  • Transportation


Promotion refers to the important factor in the marketing mix assignment which deals with the increase in the techniques for better development and growth of the product in the market. Some of the important decision part taken in the promotion is

  • Advertising
  • Promotional strategy
  • Promotion of the sales

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