Supply chain management is one of the important subjects that the students study who are doing MBA. The subject not only develops the student’s view of the organisation but also develops various skills that the students can use when they will be working for an organisation. Three different kinds of flows are mainly described in supply chain management. These flows are products flow, financial flow and the information flow. The course followed for the flowing of stocks or goods comes under product flow. The flow of orders and related messages along with other data comes under the information flow. The third type of flow that is the financial flow includes all the monetary transactions happening in the organisation leading to money flow in the organisation that include the choice of payments and scheduling of payment. A.D. Assignment Services has experienced content writers in the field of Supply chain management.

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  • Total Quality Management
  • Quick Response towards Manufacturing
  • Coordination of Channels
  • Strategic Choice Theory
  • Integration of Business Processes
  • Theories of constraints

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