Trigonometry is a mathematical branch that includes the study of relationship that involves angles as well as the length of a triangle. It is simply related to triangles that are planar right angle i.e. each of them is the 2-dimensional triangle and only one angle equaling 90 degrees. The application of the triangles which are not right-angled do exist, but as any non-right angled triangle can be split to form 2 right-angled triangles. In that case, the major problems that can be reduced to its calculations on the triangles which are right-angled. In those cases, the application of Trigonometry is applied. In Trigonometry, it involves multiple calculations like Calculus, Permutation-Combination, Geometry, and sometimes Ratio. Trigonometry has the applications that operate like:

  • Cosine (cos)
  • Tangent (tan)
  • Sine (sin)
  • Secant (sec)
  • Cotangent (cot)
  • Cosecant (cosec)

Trigonometry covers multiple areas like artillery, surveying, astronomy, and mapmaking. There are two different kinds of trigonometric functions used in mathematics such as Plane Trigonometry and Spherical Trigonometry. Trigonometry can also be applied in our daily life and are applicable in different fields, likely as:

  • It helps in calculating the mountain’s height as well as the buildings.
  • Many video games use trigonometric applications in some cases.
  • Multiple methods and calculations are also used by Flight engineers.
  • In terms of navigating any place, various formulas of trigonometry are used by the people.
  • Trigonometric applications are also applied by criminology, physics, marine engineering as well as marine biology.
  • The measurement of roof inclination as well as lands and areas in construction etc also applied by the help of Trigonometry.

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